We are switching our Customer Care and Time from web to apps. Both apps are installed on the iPads in the store so you can use them there. You can install them on your own phones/tablets. Installing the Care app on your own phone will let you do new things: dial customers, text customers and take photos.

Logging In

Your existing username and password should work.

Test Data

These new apps are currently running with dummy test data. So don't freak out if your hours are inaccurate. We will refresh all the data on the 'switchover' date.

I am not distributing the apps though the App Store or Google Play as I don't want to have to go through the approval process. I am using Diawi instead.

Downloading & Installing


Open App Store and install TestFlight on your iOS device. Its Apple's way of enabling people to distribute private apps without going through the App Store.  Redeem the following apps with the following codes:





If this doesnt work, send Mark an email and he will set you up on it. If he sets you up, you will receive an email with instructions.


You will see links below for the apps. Open the links on your phone. Download the applications and install. The instructions will be on the download pages.


click on this link


click on this link