Google Flutter SDK Commands

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Google Flutter SDK Commands

Here is a list of the Flutter SDK commands:

flutter --help

Lists flutter commands.

flutter analyze

Analyze the project's Dart code.

flutter attach

Attach to a running application.

flutter bash-completion

Output command line shell completion setup scripts.

flutter build

Flutter build commands.

flutter channel

List or switch flutter channels.

flutter clean

Delete the build/ and .dart_tool/ directories.

flutter config

Configure Flutter settings.

flutter create

Create a new Flutter project.

flutter devices

List all connected devices.

flutter doctor

Show information about the installed tooling.

flutter drive

Runs Flutter Driver tests for the current project.

flutter emulators

List, launch and create emulators.

flutter format

Format one or more dart files.

flutter install

Install a Flutter app on an attached device.

flutter logs

Show log output for running Flutter apps.

flutter make-host-app-editable

Moves host apps from generated directories to non-generated directories so that they can be edited by developers.

flutter precache

Populates the Flutter tool's cache of binary artifacts.

flutter pub

Commands for managing Flutter packages.

flutter run

Run your Flutter app on an attached device.

flutter screenshot

Take a screenshot from a connected device.

flutter test

Run Flutter unit tests for the current project.

flutter upgrade

Upgrade your copy of Flutter.

flutter version

List or switch flutter versions.