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Introduction Dart offers arrow functions, which enable the developer to shorten single-line functions that calculate & return something. You can use: => xxx instead of: { return xxx; } Arrow functions are often used by event handlers and when you set state (more on that later). Lets Run Some Code num divideNonLambda(num arg1, num arg2) { return arg1 / arg2; } num divideLambda(num arg1, num arg2) => arg1 / arg2; void main() { print('non-lambda ${divideNonLambda(6, 2)}'); print('non-lambda ${divideNonLambda(9, 2)}'); print('non-lambda ${divideNonLambda(9, 2.5)}'); print('lambda ${divideLambda(6, 2)}'); print('lambda ${divideLambda(9, 2)}'); print('lambda ${divideLambda(9, 2.5)}'); } What Happens When You Run the Code non-lambda...

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